Camino de Madrid

Camino de Madrid
Camino de Madrid

Friday, 25 May 2018

Day 8. May 24, 2018. Les Abrets to Bevenais. 28 kms

What a difference a day makes!

A gentle breeze, birds singing, cows flopping their tails lazily is the sun. This was more like it.

I can recommend this place highly. We each had a room, the food was excellent, and all the proceeds go to a good cause. Alain and his wife Florentine, formerly from Madagascar, use our contributions as guests to buy school, medical supplies, etc., for the children in that country. They are extremely poor, he said. He told us about a little girl who would not accept a new school uniform as a gift. “Je ne peux pas l’avoir. Je suis trop pauvre,” she said. Florentine had to spend half an hour persuading her to accept it.

It was up and down all morning, gentle hills rolling away to the north. I was anxious to cover a fair distance, as ahead of me was a mountain that would dwarf the eighteen-hundred-foot climb of a couple of days ago. Along the way, I stopped for a few words with Cyril. He was very friendly, anxious to be patted, but I wondered about the strap around his jaws. Perhaps he was prone to take a friendly bite.

I passed through the village of Valencogne and on to Le Pin where I joined Heidi and Phillipp for a beer.

Usually I wait until the journey’s end, but I suspected this might be the last time I would see them.

Fortified by a large blonde, I floated my way out of town, my feet occasionally touching the ground, until I came down with a thud, when the GR perversely took off to the right up the hill. Instead, I continued down the dirt road until the GR descended from the hill.

Then across the fields, up a brutal hill, over into another broad valley with ominous mountain ranges and snowy caps ahead. Down a steep stony track and along the highway into Les Grands Lemps. A further few kilometres along the road brought me to Bevenais where I am staying at an Acceuil Jacquaire, Chez Danielle. About half an hour later Philipp and Heidi arrived as well.

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