Camino de Madrid

Camino de Madrid
Camino de Madrid

Monday, 18 April 2011

Day 17. Toulouse to Leguevin (22.7 kms)

17 April, 2011

I began the day with breakfast at a bar on the Place de Capitole, across from the magnificent Capitolium. This must be one of the finest squares in France.

I was out of the suburbs by noon, and settled in at the gite by three o'clock.

On one occasion I found my way blocked by the Airbus Corporation which occupies a huge area west of Toulouse. Apart from that little detour, I escaped the suburbs without much trouble.

Since Toulouse, I have been following a mixture of European Commission camino markers (a yellow coquille Saint-Jacques on a blue background) and the GR balises. This is confusing at times.

I have fallen in with a couple of French fellows who are walking the Camino a a week at a time. Tonight at the gite, I ate with them: pizza, Belgian beer, pasta, ham, wine, eclairs et les religieuses. We talked about past experiences at places where we had all been. It was one of those delightful Camino moments.

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