Camino de Madrid

Camino de Madrid
Camino de Madrid

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Day 11. La Salvetat-sur-Agout to Bouisset (27.7)

11 April, 2011

As I left town this morning, first one clock and then another struck eight. Often there is more than one in town, on the Mairie and the church tower perhaps. And their chimes, always cracked, follow each other from hour to hour. Something to look forward when you can't sleep.

Last night I took a demi-pension at a bar with rooms above. In the halls and stairways, the lights were managed by timed switches. These can be treacherous. They can turn off the light just before you reach your destination. Sometimes they glimmer and you can find them again, and sometimes they don't. These didn't.

Once I was in a toilet on the Camino in Spain and the light suddenly went out and left me in the dark. Obviously, they didn't want you to spend too long doing number twos. Not a glimmer of light and I hadn't noted where the switch was. I had to crawl around the wall with my fingers to find it and get out.

My mnemonic came in handy this morning. Before leaving, I said to myself: Passport, Guide. Water, Appareil, iPod. Hat, Lunettes, Telephone. And I realised that I didn't have my Guide. It was under the blanket.

The mnemonic didn't help with my socks though. I've lost a pair. So now the contest is on. I'm wearing my Tilley Endurables and Smartwool PhDs on alternate days, each with liners. Which pair will last the distance?

Today was another fairly easy stroll through the woodlands. Lots of broom, but only one bush in flower. I reached my destination (Angles) early and decided to go on another eight kilometres to Bouisset. That will reduce tomorrow's distance.

Again I'm the only guest at a chambre d'hotes.

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